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Want to make a difference in the world?

Become an Ambassador for The Unsung Heroes Foundation and join our mission to stop global poverty, hunger, and injustice through technology.

The Unsung Heroes Foundation is looking for you to join our team as an Ambassador.

As an Ambassador, you will represent The Unsung Heroes Foundation at events and conferences, both online and offline, and act as a liaison between the Foundation and potential partners or donors.

You will engage with the community and promote the Foundation’s mission and values, help recruit and onboard new Social Associates, and provide feedback and suggestions to the Foundation’s leadership on ways to improve and grow the organization.

Stop Global Hunger Poverty Injustice Through Technology

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Why to join?


Increased visibility
Utilizing social media platforms and Meetups can help increase the reach and visibility of the Foundation and its initiatives.

Targeted outreach
People matching apps can help connect potential Ambassadors with the Foundation based on shared interests and values, making outreach more targeted and effective.

Community building
Creating a Trend for Help around The Ambassadors Programme can help build a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the Foundation's mission and values.

Amplified impact
The more people that are aware of and involved in The Ambassadors Programme, the greater the potential impact the Foundation can have in ending global poverty, hunger, and injustice through technology.


Identify relevant Meetup groups related to technology, social impact, and entrepreneurship in cities where The Unsung Heroes Foundation operates or plans to expand into.
Attend these Meetups and network with members to introduce The Ambassadors Programme and recruit potential new Social Associates, who share the Foundation's values and mission. Finally, create a Meetup Group for every Country, than continue on a City level

Social media
Utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to share information about The Programme and the Foundation's mission and values. Use hashtags such as #socialimpact, #techforgood, and #endpoverty to reach a wider audience. Try creating visual content such to increase engagement. Make it consistent, valuable, create a character that people would enjoy to follow.

People matching apps
Identify people-matching apps that are popular among professionals and entrepreneurs, but also new generations. Use these apps to connect with potential new Social Associates, who share similar interests and values.

Impact and personal benefits

Join the mission-driven organization

The team of 35 people from 12 countries. Mentors across 42 countries. Everybody ready to help you.

Support each other

Be are the best ever family and support each other. We are very active community what you can feel from day 0.


From building Personal Brand, Pitching trought Financial Modelling. Many courses for free.

Levels of engagement

You start as the Junior Ambassador. The are next levels of this support however it is not the public information.

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