Mar 20th 2024 - May 8th 2024

Unsung Heroes – Ventures For Humanity together with Inuka Youth Development Organization invites to join Tanzania Social Impact Heroes – the accelerator and incubator for Tanzanian impact-driven startups. 

Innovation is a crucial driver of economic growth in Tanzania, with recent data indicating a surge in entrepreneurial activity. The country has witnessed a 20% increase in patent registrations over the past five years, signaling a growing culture of innovation. Investment in research and development has also seen a substantial rise, with a 15% increase in funding allocated to innovation projects. To further catalyze this momentum, we invite social entrepreneurs to participate in our program aimed at fostering innovation and sustainable development. By leveraging local talent and resources, we aim to address pressing societal challenges while nurturing a thriving ecosystem of innovation in Tanzania.


Inuka Youth Development Organization was established in 2021 with the aim of empowering and supporting the youth in their personal and professional development. The organization was founded by three individuals who recognized the need for an inclusive platform to address the challenges faced by young people in their communities.

From its inception, Inuka Youth Development Organization has been dedicated to offering various programs and services to cater to the diverse needs of young individuals. These initiatives include mentorship programs, skills training workshops, educational support, as well as environment conservation.

Due to the effectiveness and impact of their programs, the organization quickly gained recognition and support from the community and get full registration number 21NGO/R/2977 in March 2022 . As a result, Inuka Youth Development Organization has now expanded to include a team of five dedicated staff members. This growth has allowed the organization to reach a larger number of young people and provide them with the resources they need to thrive.

Inuka Youth Development Organization continues to evolve and adapt its programs to address the evolving needs of the youth. With its expanding team, the organization is committed to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of young individuals, helping them unleash their potential and achieve their goals.

We look for ideas and businesses to improve food security waste management tourism climate

Mentors across many countries

Speak about your startup idea with people around 7 countries. Invite them to partner with you.

Validate idea with humanitarian purpose

Meet our humanitarian partners - check if your idea might support humanitarian organizations and people living in poverty.

Learn how to pitch

Learn how to start from the idea and build the strartup, the strategy and how to pitch in front of investors.


Equity Free

No charge

2 monthS & 30 hours in total



For software or hardware ideas for humanitarian purpose




Make your product to be a humanitarian-tech solution.

Build the new value. Open new markets. Try it.

Come to us and share the idea

Validate your idea with humanitarian partners and mentors

Learn how to create a product from just an idea

Learn how to pitch in front of investors your pre-seed impact startup

The Program Structure

March 20th

The Kick-Off Meeting with Keynote Speakers

March 27th

How to validate business ideas and get into customer hearts

Up to Apr 10th

1-on-1 mentoring sessions

April 10th

Theory of Change

April 17th

Creation The Value Proposition

1-on-1 mentoring sessions

May 8th



First of all you should apply to validate if the business idea makes any sense. The most common reason of startups failure is lack of market need for it.

The second of all, the program is for those founders who wants to become social entrepreneurs – to validate this idea with humanitarian organizations. 

International team of mentors support you with understanding your business model from other perspectives and in the future, they might become your business partners.

Yes, 100% online.

Unsung Heroes is free of charge. You do not give us any equity.

Deadline to apply is November 13th

The Program conducts 4 workshops and 2 mentoring sessions. 

You will understand the path between your idea to the working business. Morever, you will check if this business idea might support humanity. Last but not least you meet mentors from many countries who could support you with business scaling in next stages.

First stage is the application screening. Then this is interviewing with companies selected by our humanitarian partners. After online meeting with us and one of humanitarian partner you receive feedback and information GO / NO GO (and why as well).