The Unsung Heroes Team comes today from

Scotland, Spain, France, Poland, Libya, Syria, Malawi, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo,
Niger and Brazil.

Every 8 seconds one child is dying because of hunger.

Every 8 seconds. 10 800 kids a day. 324 000 a month. 3 888 000 a year. We believe we can stop this using innovative technologies. We are non-profit global organization with one focus

Stop Global Hunger Poverty Injustice Through Technology

We work together with Polish Humanitarian Action, MAP Afrique and rap2sfrance.

We are The Unsung Heroes Foundation running The Unsung Heroes Acceleration Programme for startups that might be helpful on humanitarian missions worldwide. We launched in Dec 2022 but today we work with mentors and team associates from 37 countries.

Polish Humanitarian Action
​​Map Afrique

Why to join?

One clear mission

Stop global poverty
Stop global hunger
Stop global injustice
Through technology

Practical and respected values

Honest and sincere
Manage by mission
Decision makers

What do you get?

Join the mission-driven organization

In 3 months we involved people from 37 countries. We grow really fast with one direction.

Clear careers path

The more responsibility you take, the moe decisions you dla, you grow as an executive at Unsung Heroes

Coaching session

If you need to discuss some challenges with a professional coach, you can get it as our benefit.

Go Global

Growing so fast worldwide means you work with people from many countries using English or French, working on multinational teams on different projects.

What can you do with us?

Join US