Increase efficiency
due to deliver aid cheaper, faster and using fewer resources (financial, personal and technical)

Reduce costs
associated with the production, purchase or delivery of given goods

We help humanitarian organizations to get

We organize international hackathons, incubators and accelerators to find startups with technologies that might support humanitarian organizations and people living in poverty.

Trough our help humanitarian organizations get higher
Return On Investment (ROI) on social impact, generate better Theory of Change evidences and eventually could get better funding for the next projects.

Innovative processes and products scouting

Tailored made innovation search for conrete needs of humanitarian organizations.

Incubation and Acceleration Programmes

Executing incubation and acceleration programmes for technologies that might support humanitarian organizations worldwide.

Venture Studio

We create our own solutions from scratch to support humanitarian organizations and people living in extremly poverty.

We support humanitarian partners with scouting the innovation venture building better outcomes

Look below how we worked with Polish Humanitarian Action in 2023 during Unsung Heroes Acceleration Programme

Stage I

Understanding local humanitarian needs

Stage II
Co-Assessment of startups applying to the programme

Stage III
Workshops with different humanitarian cases

Stage IV
Working 1-on-1 with individual startups

Stage V
Selection of two entities for further work

What kind of startups we work with? Two examples from The Unsung Heroes Acceleration Programme 2023.

Technology to reinforce building walls, preventing them from being damaged during earthquakes with a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale.

A system based on satellite data, weather conditions, and geographic factors to predict the possibility of sudden floods.



Polish Humanitarian Action
​​Map Afrique
Polish Medical Mission
Centre de Recherche pour la Gestion de la Biodiversité
Humanity First Response

Startups who joined Unsung Heroes Acceleration Programme 2023

The list of winners of startups taking part in the Unsung Heroes Acceleration Programme

Join us and get more information about startups with humanitarian purpose.


If you seek for innovative processes or products to support your organization or support people living in extremly povery contact us at or send the form.