To stop global hunger using technology

Believe me or not, but living in, what we call The Western World – makes us feel unhappy. We complain about traffic jams, waiting in line, poor wifi and cell coverage. On the other hand, every  8 seconds kids die because of hunger. They’re so happy if they receive a small portion of the meal. 

  • Radek Wierzbicki, Founder at Unsung Heroes.

From December 2022 to March 2023 we involved mentors and our core team from 37 countries. It is amazing what was appreciated by Polish Humanitarian Action, The Israeli Embassy in Poland or Polish-German Chamber of Commerce. This is the ground to make something unique – the bottom-up and well-organized organization to stop global hunger, without many thousands of bureaucracies – just to make an impact and change the world now. Using technology. The movement started and there will be no stop without achieving the goal and mission that eliminate hunger through technology. 

As The Unsung Heroes Foundation we want to eliminate hunger up to 5% up to 2026, and 50% up to 2028. This is the timing when technologies we have accelerated will be ready to create a “combo” to fulfill the whole process from grain to delivery and utilization. 

To create whole and closed Food – system we need: 

  1. Secure land
  2. Solar-plant technology
  3. Vertical farms with water-neutral approach
  4. Technology system to produce meals
  5. System to put orders to boxes
  6. Autonomous vehicles to deliver food (car or drone)
  7. System to utilize food
The Combo-Technology to Eliminate Hunger from around the World

Such connections of technolgies require to work together with some businesses (the alumni of The Unsung Heroes Accelerator) and research teams. This is what we work on. Eventually, global food / hunger problem will be eliminated. 

Do you work on something small or large technology? If you can put your solution to the universal technology system as one of the pieces of this cake in this process, definitely please apply. Nanoparticles, fast-growing crops, crop protection – all this has a huge impact. If you could save one life from hunger because you just applied? Or save hundreds of millions from hunger? Just apply. 

The problem that goes to the pair with hunger is the water crisis that also might be eliminated by the appropriate approach and technology. While you can live for about a month without food, you can’t survive more than a few days without water

Radek Wierzbicki