Equity Free

No charge

4 months & 30 hours in total



Your application will be reviewed by The Unsung Heroes Team and Polish Humanitarian Action Team. Consider your answer regarding How your product might fit humanitarian fields, you can prepare some different examples. 

We care about: 

  • the ability to adapt the startup solution for the needs of humanitarian missions,
  • finished product (MVP),
  • the quality of the team, which includes people with both business and technological experience.

This is a unique opportunity to check if your product might fit nonprofit organizations working in humanitarian fields. If you work in the B2B market and never consider nonprofits as your customer this is a chance to turn your direction.

The second value is collaboration with mentors from 37 countries. Whatever you want to check your human-fit product or grow your business with new business partners, early adopters or customers, here is this chance. 

Yes, 100% online.

Unsung Heroes is free of charge. You do not give us any equity.

Deadline to apply is April 19th 2023. 

There are four full monhts from May 8th to Sept 4th.

You will attend 10 one on one meetings with mentors in May, June, July and August. Each one takes 20 minutes. You could discuss possibilities regarding working with nonprofit organizations, however some of the mentors have typical business experiences so this is a chance for you to convince someone to support your business in different countries.

There are 7 workshops online during the acceleration but if you want to graduate the acceleration you should attend at least 5 of them.

The full Program you can see here >>> download.

You will join The Founder Ally For Humanitarian Missions – the world’s first exclusive group for founders who care for humanity and mankind. If we receive any request for new technology from a humanitarian partner, members of Ally will know this first. 

First stage is the application screening. Then this is interviewing with companies selected by our humanitarian partners. After online meeting with us and one of humanitarian partner you receive feedback and information GO / NO GO (and why as well).  

If you have more questions

ask via e-mail: startups@unsung.tech